Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spiteful little wit**

Pete does it on purpose.  She has not gone in season yet which means she's holding off until just such a time that when she does, 63 days later will be the weekend of the St Paul shows.  rrrrrrrr, little witch.

On the other hand, if things went as they should, Hubby will be baby sitting 4 week old babies, if I get to go to St Paul.  Yeapers, hoping the breeding took and Cora and Eddie are expecting a repeat litter the first week of December.

I am so not looking forward to not only puppies in the house during Christmas but winter ones at that-ugh.  

Why do I do this again?

Later gators....


Dawn said...

Because the first litter of Edlets are pretty nice.
Seems a good reason to me.

Greg K said...

All Edlets are nice! Cindy I can send Monte up there to herd his little siblings around if you need! ;)

Cindy said...

I think I'm more concerned about Pete's kids--if she's spiting me now, then I have a very bad feeling the entire litter with be spiteful little imps!

Now on the Eddlets--I can't wait! Other then not being able to send them outdoors as much, shouldn't be too much of a bother--I have a real custom whelping box this time around!