Friday, October 19, 2012

Max's hero and are you tired of my stories yet?

To be honest, when I get the comment, you're life is so fun and interesting, I usually give that person a quizzical look and shrug.  I think the fact that I'm used to the crazy and confusing comedy that is my life, makes it just another day for us.   But please let me know if I bore you.

Today's installment....Max's hero.

As you all know by now, our Max is a wonderful czech bred rescue German Shepherd.  Yes rescue.  Mississippi Valley GSD Rescue had been dealing with a guy who was breeding his imported GSD's for awhile and been just selling this very sport driven dogs to anyone with the cash.  Max was by far not the first one they had in the system, so easy to track his origins. 

Max is also a wonderful barker, scarer of those who absently wander down our long drive and think about opening the gate and walking in.  Ask Brian or the well guy or even our postman.  I'll let you in a little secret, he's really a big baby who only wants you to scratch and cuddle his overly large 85 lb plus body in your lap.  He's all bark and actually that's why we have him.  No one takes the collies or corgis or Tango the manic Pomeranian seriously.  We needed a BIG dog and got one.

His Achilles heel?   Wererabbits and their weapon, the electric fence.   Though thinking of himself as the mighty hunter, Max has had no occasion to actually catch and kill something.  He chases all the birds out of the yard, stands in the middle of the yard barking at the bull next door(because ya know if bounced at him once when he was near the fence and might come back and do it again!).   The rabbits, especially those wererabbits are the most of evil of all.  When chasing them along the fence, on several occasions, Max has to stop and well, um, water the fence to make sure they know it's his fence.  They in turn throw out their wonderful weapon called the cow's electric fence, which for most of you know-water + electricity= OUCH!   Screaming GSD's running a MACH 10 across the yard and slamming into and now shaking the front door with fear, is quite the site. 

So he's very concerned at certain times of the year when the bunnies are bouncing around.  In comes his hero.  The cat.

Setting the scene, Hubby is letting dogs out this am and his employees have taken to sleeping part of the night in the garage.  He's leaving the big door cracked some so they can go in and out.  But this morning as he's letting a couple dogs in, he hears low growling.  Similar to our friendly neighborhood raccoons.  What does he do, comes in, still in slippers and grabs the flash light.  No, he walks right past the shotgun and decides that he can run very fast across the house a second time, if need be, for it, if in fact it is the coons. 

No need.  He finds the Star Employee of the Month, Midnight(now in running for Employee of the Year), enjoying an early morning breakfast of wererabbit.  I think I heard the comment, didn't know that a cat could catch and kill something bigger then itself.  Upon hearing the cat had the rabbit, Max was beyond overjoyed.

Though I do fear, retaliation is in order from the wererabbit clan.  Max hasn't peed on the fence in awhile....

Later gators...

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