Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grades are in

So I get handed a piece of paper yesterday from the Ms.  It was one of those sheepish hand offs, like here's something but really, please, don't make a big deal out of it.

Woo Hoo!!! She finally conquered Math!   At least for this quarter.  She's always struggled and we've always told her to get into vet school, you have to have good math grades.  I was greeted to a sheet with all A's on it, okay on C on a quiz, but the rest were A's!   Can I say Woo Hoo again?!!!

End of the quarter is Thursday, she said she's getting all A's in the rest of her classes, except Earth Science there's a B(bad quiz).  Considering she's got a full coarse load plus, taking 3 science classes this semester, I consider it a great report card! 

Her happy dance?  3 days left of PE.  For....the...year!   Not that she didn't mind the everyday PE this quarter, but she's more excited about the next 3 quarters where she's got her art courses starting.   Or is it art and industrial tech?   I'm lost there, she kept throwing classes out there and there and everywhere.

Way to go Ms!!!!   Keep right on track and let's talk about those AP classes in the future! And remember to study your driver's manual this week.  Your brother and I have use of an additional driver to dog shows!

Later gators....

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