Monday, October 8, 2012

A Shopping we will go

So as stated elsewhere, it was another throw money to the wind weekend.

Sort of.  I seriously needed to restock the pantry, but a few goodies along the way can't hurt, right?  Only my pants, sigh.

Before groceries, we did a swing by Anamosa to pick up a crate I got off Craiglist(which the Ms did an awesome job of cleaning and then spray painting the door!), Thesien's for chick, duck and dog food, all while trying to avoid all the people getting ready for the PumpkinFest Parade.

So then we head south to the Kalona Cheese Factory.  Ummm, squeaky cheese, tea and shortbread.  Okay the last item was the goodie purchase.   I have cheese in the freezer, two, one now, bags on the counter and boy did it taste good in the tomato soup that night.

Checked off, now to Stringtown.  Holy Moly, it was busy.  Cut of the day was a little toddler in a holstein cow outfit, standing by the fence as the holsteins looked at him from about 5 feet away--what the hay? 

Back to the store.  Love the sign to the left of the main entrance-we gladly welcome respectfully dressed customers.  Oh such a greand sight to see.  It's packed inside but I find flour, spices, stuff for baking and no goodies.  Yes we were good and only got the basics. 

Next stop, Community Store.  This is where I buckled, chocolate crinkle cookies, whoopie pie and new tongs. 

Then home.  Where Hubby started digging out the duck pond(ICK, super ICK!)  I cleaned kitchen, sorted tomatoes and of course, found a new abode for dear red dog.  Then we hunkered down to watch a few movies we rented-the Ms finally got to watch The Hunger Games, I did my chick flick - The Lucky One and we all enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman. 

Sunday--MORE SHOPPING!  Well, I got the wrong canning lids, so of course we had to go get the correct ones, then I needed wide mouth jars to go with the wrong lids.  Paint, lime, chips and home to bake.  9 pints of salsa canned, some pretzel rolls, homemade chicken tortilla soup with all the fixins.  I must have been on my feet all day long because when I sat down to watch the new season of Upstairs/Downstairs, I couldn't get back up outta the chair.  Then again, it could be Mal was firmly planted in my lap too!

Tonight--cookies to back, bread to rise and hum, maybe some home made tortillas?

Later gators...

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