Friday, September 14, 2012

Curse of the Eddlets

As Greg said a while back, "Get The Some Eddlet".  For the most part, once you get past the genetic tendency to create utter chaos, you can't help but love'em.

Case in point.....
As noted earlier in the week, Mal is missing his left white eyebrow hair.  He had matching ones, only one, on each side.  Unique, though The Tall Kid was hiding scissors and going to trim those off if he got a chance.  Well he didn't get the pleasure - Penny, I think, did it for him.  So Mal aka Sponge Pup, is now lopsided.  Upon closer inspection, he's also missing a few whiskers on his muzzle, some broken too.  This I just don't understand.  Going to analyze his play and pool arrangements and I think alter those.   And hide The Tall Kid's scissors.

Then we move to Jayne.  Gotta love him.  Still roaming the halls of Suzie's home, reigning over the two corgis and four danes.  Master of the House comes to mind.  Then he goes in for a nail trim.  I described Eddie's scream as the sound of a stuck pig to Suz.  She totally agreed.  Jayne acted like his foot was getting cut off Civil War era style.  Upon return with the vet tech, Suz just looked at her, then him and said, don't worry, he's a drama king.  Sheepishly he looked at Suz and went no dah!  

Shall we talk about Wash?  Now he's art imitating life-chewed a hole in his dog bed.  Inserted head.  Head stuck.  2 hours later mom comes to the rescue.  I had visions of the bolt cutters to get Eddie's jaw unstuck from his crate door a few weeks ago.

Haven't heard if the girls got their daddy's gift for chaos, though I think they grabbed a little more mellow and let's say devious gene from their mother--who got another remote, book, magazine and toy this week. 

Later gators....

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