Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ugly puppies

There is a joke that goes around underground between breeders that after 8-10 weeks, you just put puppies away, hide them from view until they are 6-8 mos old.  Routinely they go through the "uglies", growing at weird rates, legs first, long, tubey or growing so fast that they forget how to walk or run.  Just like human kids, which reminds me, the Ms is doing the exact same thing--when you hear a stumble in the house, followed by silence then "I'm Okay", yeap, time to go clothes shopping again.

So here are the ugly babies--just joking but they all are growing, doing different things with their bodies, still cute and evil as all get out(that would be Kaylee for those keeping track). 

Kaylee and no she's not as evil as I make out, she's just too busy and into everything!(registered name will be something like Woodrose Winning Colors at FB)

Ms River-of course the fluff takes the best photos-only one take!  All you have to say is "almond?", and she's all ears.  (Registered name will be Foggy Bottom Woodrose Little Albatross)

And then there's Mal....the ears really are big, but he was looking up so they appear smaller and well, odd.  We'll try another one tonight. (Registered name-Foggy Bottom WdRse I Aim To Misbehave)

Now for a really ugly puppy, Ms Penny.  But look at the size of those ears--she does not do ears on the table, how can she, she'd be able to fly off the table if she did.  Her fronts wonky right now as she did a growth spurt the last week or two and grew so legs and a whole lotta length.

Talk about long!   Knowing the line, this is only growth thingy.  Mom did the same thing at this age.  What I do love though, is that she has kept her sweeping side gait and beautiful coming and going.  Now to get some weight on her!  She burns it off too quickly playing with Cy all day.  And for those wondering, no--she is NOT a black and white, she is the deepest darkest black brindle I've ever seen.  She has like four red strips across her shoulders and stifle, that's it!

So there you go, not hiding my ugly babies--just patiently waiting for the growth fairy to go away!

Later gators...

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Unknown said...

omg have you BEEN to These puppies are NOT UGLY...believe me, they'll cause a firestorm of cuteness on Imgur! :)