Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Available-ducks and assorted this and that

Check out the poultry page, The Ms evaluated some of her Ancona ducks and has several young ones available.  Breeding was Pip(old lavender duck), Chocolate Duck(that the damn coons got!), black and white drake and chocolate drake(that again, another coon got a few weeks ago)  Stock all originates from the Holderread line.  Some nice spotting, a few that are a little solid but will make great additions to a breeding program.  I'll try to add a few photos this week, that is after we get done with the damn coon and her child!  Shot gun is now sitting by the door with the flash light handy.  It's been a sleepless few nights this past week.

Also--I have a dear friend who is getting out of dogs, at least for now.  Health reasons are making it hard to keep going with the big dogs(she has bull mastiffs).  She asked us to come by and take some photos and see if anyone might be interested in some of the stuff.  I have photos to post in the next couple of days but here's a beginning list of what she has:

1- 4x4 cocker/puppy pen.  Perfect condition with grates and pans.
1-Large Petmate kennel-perfect condition, no chew marks; blue
1 4x4(aprox) wooden whelping box.  Pig rails, fold down front so momma can get in and out easier.  Ventilated on sides and includes raised wooden floor.  comes apart very easily for storage and is pretty light to carry.
1-3(?) gal heated plastic water bucket, blue
1-4x5(?) silver shade cloth
2-large puppy saucers
1-small space heater
1-lectokennel heating pads
Several thermometers-as in wall type for use in whelping area-couple regular ones and couple battery operated.
2-heat lamps and 2 extra red bulbs
2-human heating pads-the old kind that don't shut off!
2-40 lb stacking food bins
1-set PVC weave poles-can take apart for travel

I know she's got a few other items and will post those as she gets me the information.  Contact me at fogebotom at yahoo dot com and let's make a deal!  

Later gators...

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