Thursday, August 23, 2012

EBD and a wandering moose

So I hear that I'm having to deal with a very pissed off EBD for the weekend.  Seems as the Tall Kid was getting ready for the show today, she jumped up on the grooming table and refused to budge.  I know the look she gave him, the huff and puff and the really pissed off stomp when he kicked her outside so he could get some work done without tripping over her.

Now the wandering moose?  Sorry, Moose.  I did his nails on Sunday, then we've been working on some of his iffy obedience exercises, so you know what that means to him????  Tall Kid had to kick him out of the bathtub between bathing dogs this morning. 

Just how I wanted to spend my weekend, dealing with upset dogs.  At least Moose will be happy, next weekend he actually gets to go to a show.  His annual job as the golf cart assistant is coming up!

Now the EBD?  As soon as we get a little plug in the dike, we'll see about maybe a round or two for her RA.

Later gators...

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