Monday, August 13, 2012

Divide and conquer!

 The Foggy Bottom/Summit crew divided and conquered all realms this weekend!!!!

First-----Liz and Max in WI. 

I am super happy and very very proud to annouce Liz finished her first conformation champion on Saturday under one of my favorite judges, Katie Gammil.  Max is now CH Summit FoggyBottom Perseid's Plunge.  He is the 3rd brother to finish out of the Dirty Dozen aka Space litter.  He and Liz are now headed to the agility and rally ring with hopes of adding many more titles to his name including a VC!  I am so happy for Liz and wish them both many more successes in the ring.  Gosh I love my puppy families!

Now to top it off, moved up as a special, under a judge who we figured would go a totally different direction, he went BOB!  WOW!!!!  DOUBLE WOW!!!!

Next---Shelley and Cara in Ohio

Shelley took Kaylee and River out to Ohio to hand off to Anne to then go to VA to Karen and Jane.  Mission accomplished.  But she also opted to stay for the weekend and enjoy the Western Reserve show.  She met a lot of cardigan people, had a great time and even managed to show Cara to WB on Saturday!  Just icing on the cake because....

In MN, we have Chip and Penny.....

Alec and I headed up to a great little show in Albert Lea, MN for the weekend.  It's always fun there. 

Connor was BOV both days and Cy was BOW both days.  Expected results and of course Cy is becoming a real ham in the ring. 

Saturday, cardigans, Chipmeister.  Can I just say OMG?   BOB!!!  I love Carolyn Herbel and so does Alec :)   And we took it walking in right after collies, go figure.  Nothing in group but a really good look. 

Sunday was Penny's first show.  I've been giving Alec a handful of pooey about her-she's a little under confident, not shy, but just not sure she can do it by herself.  I guess she can....

The noted Houston Clark was judging-he's a legend and I wasn't sure that we had the right dogs for him.  I guess Penny was just what he was looking for.  WB-she was the only one entered.  But he did take a moment when handing Alec the ribbons to say, he really likes her, alot.

Back in for BOB.  I get to take Penny in, luck has it we were dead last, Atlas in front and Chip would be the special to come up behind her--perfect.  Lots of times around the ring, downs and backs, and Tiger was BOB, Atlas BOW(Congrats to Diana and Mac for finishing him!) and Penny BOS!!!  over two bitch specials for her first point!   Woo Hoo!  And she didn't pee on the table.  Double Woo Hoo!  Again, handed the ribbon and commented to me, she's a really nice pup and will go far.  From that judge, means a lot to me.  Thank you KIM!!!!  

Spent the rest of the day showing Berners for Jen, handing Malcolm off to her daughter for some kid breaking, Alec helped out Muriel in RR and then just having good conversation with friends.

So dead cell phone, lots of big wins and come home to rain--what a perfect weekend!  Thanks to Liz, Shelley and everyone else for making it that way!

Later gators...

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