Monday, August 13, 2012

At a loss of what to say about losing a good friend.

She had been with me through the good times and bad times. Unfortunately as life progresses, we have come to a difference of  opinion and seems we can not reconcile.  It's a shame to loose all those memories and not have that connection anymore.

Good by dear cell phone, may you rest in a thousand pieces.

For anyone attempting to call me--don't.  I dropped the red headed girl on the ground Saturday night and she went every direction.  No amount of super glue will hold her head on now.  I can turn it on, talk but won't be able to hear an answer or read the screen.  Beheaded on the asphalt outside Pizza Hut.

On the hunt for a new phone and new carrier this week--please drop me an email with your number so that I can add it into the new phone, that is if I can't get it from my online back up. 

Later gators...

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