Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So the blues clues bunch is now 9 weeks old.  I apologize that the website is not updated-just no time to sit at the computer at home and load stuff up.  Should be able to get to that in the next week or so. 

BUT...for those wondering, Wash has gone to his new show home and from the emails, seems his destined for greatness.  Jayne is now in NE and totally digging the great danes and being spoiled rotten.  Charlie went out with him and from the reports, has totally suckered Robert.

Kaylee will be going out to Karen's in August along wtih her mom, returning home.  Many, many thanks to Karen for allowing me to have Cora here for a litter.  Wish I could do another one with her-I need my own blue girl now :)

River is in limbo, still trying to decide what direction to go with the fluffinator.  She's got a gremlin streak and we are working on the not feeding after midnight but the wet part-her brother totally did not read the care instructions.

Speaking of Malcom, aka Pretty Boy, he just takes my breath away each and every time he walks through the room.  Not a care in the world, beautiful stride and yes, he's a water dog.  Just like his daddy.

Here's a few 9 week old photos and remember, 9 weeks is totally not the time to evaulate puppies-they look goofy as they grow at this age, especially Kaylee-heehee.

Now I talk about River going gremlin but Kaylee took it to a whole new level when I attempted to get a photo to show how her ears might look once they are up-she wanted to eat the camera!
 Little more serious Kaylee, though any attempts to bait were pointless, she just got too excited and could not stand still.

 River protesting, she's typically a limp fish when you pick her up.
 Again, after a little pep talk, she said sure, why not,but hurry with the photos, I got things I gotta do!

 And finally Mal.  He loves to frog out in the kitchen waiting for a big dog to come through-usually Connor.

I was trying to get a natural stacked photo of the blue blur but Connor said what's up and Kaylee went - ME!

Tonight-road trip and the kids all get to go to the Ms' riding lesson and play at the barn.  Leash walking down the stall aisles and lots of new people to meet.

Later gators....

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