Friday, July 6, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho, off to Omaha we go

Or close to. 

What a whirl wind week this has been.  One puppy off to his new home-can not wait to see him in the show ring soon.  4th Antique hunting - got a few nice things.  Fair over.

Now to find the remains of the garden, damn japanese beetles.  Have to replant a lot of stuff.

But this weekend we are off on a road trip to deliver Jayne to his new family.  Charlie too--he's going to live with Jayne, Suzie, Robert and a herd of Great Danes.  I'll miss both boys, but hoping the house is a little quieter?  More then likely not. 

Oh and Luanne and family are meeting up with us too--the Ms and Tall Kid want to see how Emmett aka Buster has grown up. 

Hoping everyone is handling the heat and humidity-stay cool, get out the pool and sprinkler and have a cold one for me!

Later gators.....

Oh forgot--Dawn helped with a photo session-the boys would not cooperate, but the girls did.  Here's Kaylee and Ms River(who is available to a select home).  Now these were very quick and impromptu - Kaylee was totally following the toy and River looked like she would rather be anywhere but the table.

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Dawn said...

If I were looking for a new agility dog you wouldnt have been able to stop me from taking River home. She is a sptfire and I loved her!