Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post-It note dilemma

I promise, this is the last one for the day....

We've all had experiences with dogs getting into stuff, puppies is no different and actually much more into stuff they shouldn't be.

Let's call this the Post-It note dilemma.

Too hot for the babies to go out and play.  So the Blues Clueless gang is raining havoc on the house, the big dogs(though Connor LOVES it) and finding things I never knew I even had in the house.

River and Malcom are in the back room, bothering Daddy.  You can here the grumps, the barks and Cy getting pissed off that he's not in the mix.  Soon a racing sound comes through the study, to the kitchen.  They cross over the gate and I hear "thuwump", scuffle scuffle and more racing little paws.

In comes Malcom and River, each holding a section of a post-it note pad.  Not just any pad, but an accordion pad. 

I get up to look in the kitchen, when I notice a string of post-it notes that end at the gate, then start up again through the kitchen.   Yeap it's like unrolling a ball of yard and having it wound around the chair legs.

Eddie looks at me and goes, "I didn't do it and I have no idea who those furry things belong to and....no I didn't teach them that either"  Uh huh, sure you're innocent in this whole thing dude.

So we go around and pick up accordion piles and strings of post-it notes.  In the meantime, Kaylee and Malcom go into the kitchen,  notice someone left the paper cupboard open and now we have ziplocs and napkins all over the house.

Eddie is so not a good baby sitter.

Later gators....

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