Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And another pupdate

Ron sent me some photos of the very grown up AnnaMae.  She's doing awesome on obedience class, working towards her master gardner certificate and is now to up a Level 5 Lap Sleeper!   Last vet visit, she weighs around 19 lbs and thats just a little over 5 1/2 mos old.  That's absolutely perfect by my past records.  Also considering she's a Dove daughter, being a little light isn't unexpected.  My goal of working towards moderating my bloodlines is actually starting to show progress.  I don't want to lose bone,  but need to get my dogs more in the middle of the standard.

My issue is that with one litter I went HUGE on the size of my dogs.  That's not a good trend.  Trying to back down on that is hard and takes a lot of thinking and planning.  Today's cardigans are loosing a lot of their correctness with being too big, too much bone, not enough importance on correct movement(too many think correct is great extension with dogs moving on their hocks-that's not right!), or I'm at fault at this, coat issues.  Granted I have Eddie the Grand PooBah of Fluffinators, but when breeding with him, I am picky about what I intend to keep and go forward with and making sure it is correct.  But I fear too many people are not being hard enough on their own stock, wanting to or "having" to keep something rather they say, it isn't exactly what I want or need to go forward with. 

Anyway, off the soap box.  I got word that other Dove kids are right in the same weight range with Bates going a little heavier-he's male and carries a little more bone, but he's only a couple lbs more then the sisters. 

Here's the pretty AnnaMae as I promised.....

Later gators...

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Taryn said...

I am glad to hear someone is worried about Cardigans getting too large. I sure don't want to see them weighing in with the Bassets :-)