Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Solstice-dogs not eggs

The Summer Solstice shows were this past weekend in Minnesota and we trucked up there with Cy, Connor, Eddie and Penny. Met up with Shelley with Chip and Cara once we arrived. Not a bad weekend at all-the weather was perfect, well perfect for a sun burn. Still nursing that one. Too nice to sit under the shade. Company was great-Dawn, Shelley, Steve, Loren and Sherri. Which btw, Sherri is one of the nicest people around. Just happened to be grooming near her and we chatted, swapped stories, and helped each other out. How in the world can you be upset about being beat by the #1 cardigan as well as a super nice person? Congrats go out to Libby for her groups wins as well as Loren and her very nice aussie bitch and her BOB/group win out of the classes.

So results…Cara was RWB to a specialty winning class bitch shown by Sherri, Friday and Saturday. Judging was below par on Sunday and both Sherri’s bitch and Cara got dumped! Chip was select dog on Friday, Eddie didn’t do anything on Saturday and Sunday Chip was BOS to Libby! Connor was select dog all weekend and Cy charmed them all with WD all weekend long. No bitches entered so no BOW available.

We now have about a month until the next set of shows.  We are trying to figure out what to do, so many choices. Lots of close shows(okay close is under 5 hours driving) But we also don't want to battle heat.  So north and east I think are the directions to head.  Cy had such a blast with the Minnesota collie people-thinks they are so nice to be around and welcoming, he wants to play with them some more.   Penny ages in in early August, which means that I might actually get to show a dog! We also talked to Sherri about meeting up for a couple of shows as she loves showing up here and might consider swinging up again in the fall. Decisions, decisions.

On the home front----it’s chaos.  The blues clueless group turn 8 weeks old on Friday, get their first set of shots and are totally wrecking havoc on the house, their pen, the yard.  Eeek.  Got home on Sunday night and Grandma P looks like she’s wearing a dead fur coat—she’s decided to molt—all at once! Serious brushing and bath coming up.  Of course Pete said me too!  So she's headed into her bathing suit shortly. 

And County Fair starts this week. I’ll try to post as results come in.  Ducks, Chickens, static exhibits, horses and the usual volunteer work.  Again, EEEEK!

 And yes, I promise puppy photos, but I have to dump the card on the camera first-that’s tonight’s project.

Later gators....

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