Thursday, June 21, 2012

The name game

Here’s a start to the registered names for the Serenity Litter. For those of you non-sci fy fans, here’s a link to info on the series/movie. Firefly was a short lived series on Fox, Serenity was the movie made after the series was cancelled that kind of filled in the blanks and tied up the loose ends. My suggestion is to watch the movie then the series. Honestly, it’s really good and has a cult following.

Oh and did I mention that Nathan Fillion is the lead? The Ms has a crush on him—which explains the Castle marathons at home. She keeps asking me if it’s September yet. Do you believe that she would pass up summer vacation just to sit at home on Monday nights watch Beckett and Castle?

River aka "Foggy Bottom Woodrose Little Albatross"-this totally fits her personality!

Wash aka "Foggy Bottom Woodrose LightAsAFeather" - kind of a joke as this is the biggest boy in the litter but he really is Wash.

Jayne aka "Foggy Bottom Woodrose Ballad of Jayne or BrownCoat or Jayne’s Town or Serenity Valley", we can’t decide on his yet.  Jayne is a conundrum - I'm just not sure what fits him, kind of like the character, he's hard to pin down.  Though "No Grenades?" might be a good one too.

Mal/Malcom aka "Foggy Bottom Woodrose IAimToMisbehave" - we saved this for the boy who we thought had the most handsome face-he's funny, he's goofy but striking and can be very serious.  Just like the Capt.

Kaylee – not decided yet but she’s deviating from the theme to go with a Derby name-since the litter was almost a Derby Day litter. She’ll be "Winning Colors".   Her call name though, is perfect.  She is in so many ways just like the character.

Sometimes the names work, sometimes they don't.  This time around, all the names really do correspond to the characters.  So awesome!!!!

Later gators...

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Unknown said...

***SNICKER*** Well, then "No Grenades" will fit right in with the rest of the artillery!

As for Nathan...Ms., you have taste!