Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It was so hot this weekend, that cooperative puppies were non-existant.  So last night I grabbed Alec between Master Chef commericals and got a few that sort of look like cooperative puppies. Some more then others....
The very pretty and she knows it, Kaylee.

Look at those eyes!

Ms River, attitude all over the place

But every head shot I get of her is blurry?

Malcom, who does not have a roach, but every photo is pre pounce with him, so he keeps squishing himself up.

Just look at that face though!  The insides of his ears are splashed with white.

Jayne, super dork.

Wash-"where's the food?"

One blue and one partial blue eye, always makes him look sleepy.
Later gators....


Unknown said...

HA! "Super Dork"...perfect! Great shot of the "Kids". They're really growing up quick!

Greg K said...

Holy cow I need to see these puppies in person! They're precious!