Monday, June 11, 2012

Can't help but smile!

This is what I live for, that phone call from one of my "puppy" people who give me stuff to brag about.  All the time I spend in the ring and do stuff with my own dogs does not compare to making someone else happy.

Chip and Max were in the rings today, one in MN and one in WI.  Liz called first with news that Max went BOB and is now one point shy of his Championship!  Though I kept hearing, where is Alec when I need him?  Now come on, you've done an awesome job all by yourself!!!

Then Shelley called from MN and Chip went BOB, which included a major competition win towards his grand!  Not to bad for a boy who hasn't seen the ring since January.  And he got a taste of lure coursing at a fun day-I see a CA behind his name in the near future.  He was awesome from what Shelley described.

Way to go Shelley and Liz--you have made me a very proud person and give those boys a huge hug from me!

Later gators...

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