Friday, May 4, 2012

More storms and choices

So the storms are still rolling through.  Some of the wicked weather has prompted(radio voice here) The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities, to issue some interesting warnings and watches.  Such as the "lethal large hail" warning in northern Iowa last night or the tornado warnings for the Wayland, IA area last night.  Max took refuge behind the living room chair and Cy, Penny and Chalice took turns barking at the thunder.

The question then begs to be answered, though we are pretty set on a litter theme(Serenity/Firefly) for the Eddlets, do we change it to a Storm/Wicked Weather theme or since I fear I'll be whelping babies during the Derby tomorrow, use the horses names that are running tomorrow? 

David better bring me a Mint Julep from Ellen's party, I hate missing it.

Later gators...

1 comment:

Greg K said...

I love the Serenity/Firefly theme! The storm one is pretty inspired though!