Monday, May 7, 2012

The good, the bad and the truth about it all

So as typical, phone call on the way home Friday night-We have puppies, er, 1 so far.  I speed to get the Ms, one stop at Walmart and home.  Arriving to puppy #2.

What was nice, was a free whelping bitch that needed little or no help.  Little over 3 hours later we had ten puppies.  That's the good. 

The bad, we put down on pup shortly after birth because he had an adominal wall tear.  When talking to Doc, the chances of a pup going septic and worse are 99% so we opted to help him to the bridge.

Lost two puppies Sunday morningish.  Attempting to get at least an hour sleep, I think Cora laid on one and the other she just kept pushing away and it didn't last much past the wee hours of the morning.  She started doing that to another but we got to him quickly and though he struggled for a while, seemed to be back in the thick of it by the late afternoon.  As of this morning though, he's again not doing well and will take a trip to Doc's shortly to see what if anything we can do for him.

And last but not least is Tiny.  The first girl born, tiny at 4 3/4 oz, still bigger then Pete was.  So we are supplementing but yesterday mid day she seemed to have a little too big of a tummy, aspirated a little and we spent the day suctioning out her nose, giving her fluids as best we could and hoping that she would resolve what ever it is that's aching her.  She too is headed off to Doc's this morning. 

So I guess that covers the truth of it all too.  I honestly don't feel that anything happening can be attributed to either parent, but simply the nature of the breeding beast.  Shit happens.  I applaud those that have spotless records of great easy whelps, big healthy pups and not a need to intervene at all.  Good for you and bless you.  I can't say I've had a run bad luck at all.  Heck the Dirty Dozen, other then stressing out their momma the first week, was an amazingly easy litter to deal with.  Merlot's kids, baring the little girl who wasn't "cooked" enough, the boys were awesome.  And I'm more then happy to chronicle how bad things get in order to maybe help someone else out down the road, unlike a few people I know that just dismiss that a puppy died and let your imagination run wild.  I know that there will be whispers and people condoning both the sire and the dam and they are the cause.  Heck, I know how many people really hate Eddie-I'm honest there.  Never mind....I'm too tired to fight with anyone, but my opinion is that like I said before-shit happens. 

But the good again, needs to be cheered for.  We currently have 1 blue girl who looks like her daddy, 1 blue boy, again, in his daddy's image.  A split face mismark boy who, just might be a cryptic-gotta wait for his one ear to color in some.  A lovely white eared b/w boy.  And the harliquin boy-blue merle with a huge black overlay on most of his body.  It's like a lace covering where the blue peaks through here and there. Tiny, is a little b/w girl with vivd brindle points, looks like her momma.  The photo below is from Saturday night when all 9 were still in this world.

Later gators...


penni said...

Hang in there Cindy -- anyone who has whelped a couple of litters and who is literate knows that things go wrong. Sometimes it's just one puppy, sometimes it's the whole litter. Often it's the result of an idiot emergency vet that tells the caller to wait another day. No one has a crystal ball.

Liz said...

Hang in there Cindy. Hopefully the vet can help you with your two ailing puppies. :( I'm thinking about you.

Cindy said...

Thanks guys! It's just frustrating ya know? Doc's been good to me and honest, which is a blessing. Good news is that Tiny is feeling better after her visit and seems to have eyes bigger then her little tummy. So small meals!

Holly said...

Good thoughts your way Cindy that Tiny and the rest thrive. ((hugs))

Greg K said...

I told Monte about all the little siblings he has now and he said to me, "That's great but you stopped rubbing my belly."

Good luck with the rest of the little ones and hang in there!