Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sorry, no photos this morning. Seems I have used up all the space on the disk and keep forgetting to take 5 mins and burn them on to another disk, then clean out the camera. Sigh, will it ever end?

The babies are doing great. Ringer's family will be out on Sunday to pick up the little whiner boy. He talks, mostly whines when you pick him up to cuddle. His new mom asked if his ears were up, I might have spooked her with my response. Which was-Oh thank goodness, NO! See, I'm very happy to send puppies home in ear tape and show the parents how to do it and I'm also more then happy to have ears still down at 10-12 weeks. Ears that go up early, in my opinion and experience only, have a narrower ear base, lighter cartilage and many times a smaller ear. Big fat ears take time to go up.

Bates will be flying the friendly skies in the next week or two and AnnaMae's family is road tripping it from WI in a week to pick her up. In the meantime the entire crew has been playing outside, a lot. They found the dog walk-which is set at puppy height, the tunnel, the hole EBD dug last spring, smashed my cup plant, the hostas, eaten the hyacintha, columbines, and lily of the valley. Yes, my shade garden took a hit this week. The chicken house is very interesting, the horses-not so much. And yes, they love getting the zoomies and racing around the entire front yard.

Talked to Kim(Monster's mom) and she's going to have to have shoulder surgery and won't be able to come up and review the troops before they head home. So Chalice aka the Princess and Penny will hang out here for the long term until we can meet up. Might I mention that Chalice is the first to figure out that you can jump on the small crate in their puppy area and then put your feet up on the edge of the xpen? Great, just great. So crate moved, another crate added, and the gang is now working on crate training, inside the crates, not on top.

We are gearing up for another round of dog shows too. So nice to have them within easy driving distance. What I originally thought was going to be a laid back easy weekend, is turning out to be chaos-treeing walkers, plotts, pems, collies, cardigans and then the fun match with a new dog. Did I mention that I didn't enter anything to show myself? Actually I did, the following weekend, but I have a feeling that might not go the way I want it to.

And for those interested, yes, we strongly believe that Eddie is the one hit wonder and Ms Cora is due around May 8th with puppies!!! Either that or she's swallowing a cantalope each day. Only 1/2 way there and she's HUGE! Tall Kid and The Ms are wishing for another Emmett(non-hairy version)-though I was also told this time around they will be making sure all the puppies can carry on conversations. Earplugs please!

Later gators....


Dawn said...

No talkers Please I already have ahouseful of loudmouths!

Cindy said...

Heehee, well, you'll have to talk to the kids on that matter :)