Monday, April 16, 2012

Last pupdate with all present and accounted for

They started leaving the nest this weekend, Ringer being the first to go. He seemed very content in his new mom's arms, had a deep sigh and settled in for some snuggling. Though, as the picture tells, he is the first one to have the dreaded tape demonstration.

Here's AnnaMae-she's headed to WI this next weekend.
What a pretty little Penny. She's hanging out here to grow up a little more.

The Princess aka Chalice. Again, hanging out here to grow up a little more.

Now for da' Boys.

Bates is out numbered with the leaving of Ringer. He is also the lone eared dude. The one is trying really hard to stay up.

And last but not least, sweet Ringer. And yes, it's the green duct tape ear treatment.

They are getting better at the stacking and photos. No collies to distract but as you notice you have some offside shots--too much going on in the study for them to focus on stacking the correct direction.

Later gators...

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