Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I lost them!

I've lost puppies before, usually to such horrible things as the back corner of the yard, the hole under the steps or as of tonight, to the chickens. Not really lost but misplaced in a short span of nano seconds when I had to blow my nose, answer the phone or yell at Cy to SHUT UP!

Any how, the kids got kicked outside with collie babysitters about mid-afternoon. Alec said he gave in and could not handle their pleading to be set free any more. So the 5 babies took to the front yard. Note to self, reattach panel at bottom of front gate, Ringer can get his head under it. So much for collie supervision.

By 8pm when we brought the collies in, the babies were wiped out-Chalice has figured out the steps and is sitting right below Auntie Pete cuddled up with her sister Penny. I went and grabbed her, Penny and Bates. Figuring that the hole under the steps had eaten the other two, I went back out and called for the pup-pups, babies, hello???? Nothing. Shit, my front yard is HUGE, they could be anywhere.

The Ms in the meantime has been capturing toads and frogs for relocation to the creek from the duck pond. Not only had I had enough with the peepers singing but she had too. Silence!

I didn't lose Ringer and AnnaMae.

They were helping catch frogs in the chicken yard with the Ms. Ewwwww!

So forwarning to Ringer, AnnaMae and Bate's new families, they like iky stuff already!

Update on Puppy Picnic......

We'll eat around noonish. Simple grilled brats from the local locker and chips. If it's raining, not sure what we will do, says 60% chance right now. Very very informal, anyone who wants to stop over can. I'm going to try to do some temperment testing.

Babies will get microchipped the following weekend and then start heading out to their new homes. As most of you know, I prefer to wait till at least 9 weeks if not 10 or 11 to send puppies home. 8 weeks is just too young for me and not near enough time for the babies to develop some important social skills as well as being in the center of a fear period that for the unknowing new puppy owner, can cause severe issues later down the road.

Please drop me a line if you plan on coming over--if it rains, I want to be able to let you know if we are still grilling or not.

Later gators...

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