Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chinese take-out and fast food

I'm still recovering for last week but have a few stories to tell here and there.

Like the one that goes...... "I had a duck, dog and chicken problem while you were gone"

Seems that Pete had to take out her being left behind frustrations on something and got the collie gang to join her. And Dove decided she wants to eat again.

Remember, I left Hubby with like 100 new chicks? It was hot, it was cold, it was damp. The laying chicks got moved into the guest bathroom, er, bath tub in their brooder. Had the space heater in there, all was well.

While Pete and Co, were out in the front yard digging under the poultry fence, Dove was learning how to pick locks. One of the white, possibly Pekin ducks but maybe an Ancona got pulled under the fence and greeted by the dogs-look who came for dinner!!! Enter Hubby to interrupt the dining pleasures, Dove on the other hand takes that moment to crash the gate, open the bathroom door and with a gleam in her eye, said LUNCH!

The joke is, while the dogs in the front yard were enjoying Peking Duck, Dove was having Chicken Nuggets.

We did lose the duck, lost about 8 or 10 chicks. One chick has no wing and lost part of the other but doing great. Needless to say, the new limestone blocks got installed quicking along the fence and the house chicks are now in Fort Knox-two x-pens, one cover and lots and lots of gates between them and the dogs. Oh and Dove, handcuffed and thrown in the clink aka the far back bedroom.

Sigh, what next?

Later gators...


Taryn said...

I feel sorry for the duck and chicks, but the way you phrased it definitely made me laugh!

Cindy said...

I felt horrible for the poultry too, but you know it's a farm, with livestock and some times things just happen. Kind of like the great horned owl who is once again visiting the poultry yard at night-this time though, we learned from the last time and everyone is locked up at night!