Monday, January 30, 2012


What do I adore about this dog? She walked in the house and within 3 mins, had Max the 85 lb GSD, sitting with his head in the corner. This little dog totally got in Max's head and it's been that way ever since. Now before you take pitty on Max, he does a good job of dishing it out on the rest of the dogs. But from the moment he entered the house 6 years ago as a rescue dog, the cardigans have had his number. Imagine 10 cardigan puppies(that would be the Jimmy Buffet litter) cornering him in the stair well, all barking and wagging their tails wanting to play. Max on the other had was waving the white flag of surrendor. He avoids trouble, but is the first to cause the crazy game of chase in the front yard. Good way to keep corgis in shape.

Anyway, Ms Cora has claimed my lap in the evenings, much to the dismay of Eddie. Though he tries to sit with her, she usually ends up pushing him off. Then there's the rough and tumble frapping with Pete, again Eddie tries to join in but gives up way too easily. Add in the cat who still hasn't figured out that Cora is nothing like the others when it comes to it's nightly walkabout. Cora really hasn't a clue what to due with the cat, but all else fails, chase and herd. Let's just say Daisy does not understand chase and herd, usually ending up with being stranded on the counter, waiting for someone to save her fat fuzzy butt.

Alec really enjoyed showing her those four short shows-can you tell?Later gators...

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