Monday, November 21, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, oh s**t-is that snow?

I have confirmed that I am so not ready for winter. Upon arrival in MN, you could feel the humidity in the air, sense the drop in the temperature and well Charlie was more nutty then normal. I was frozen, my feet were numb and my nose still is bright red.

Hit the show site after a short night at a lovely motel. Yes, lovely. Considering our last two stays in another chain, I would much rather stay in a corporately owned motel then in a franchise. Desk clerk was a hoot and uber helpful. Got me right where I wanted to be and we settled in to watch the end of the ISU vs Okie St. Double overtime and I think when ISU won, we woke up most of the motel with our screams and yells. Totally pissed off Moose who went and slept on the floor by the door.

Easy peasy day. No cardigans to show, no wait, Moose. And man for a dog who loves to go to shows, he was pissed as heck about actually showing. That's the last he sees of the fancy show ring. Collies were too easy, Connor was BOV. Pem was 2nd in her class.

Now a small vent. I understand not being able to attend a show due to illness, etc. But what I hate is people who double enter, create points(in this case Hawkins for collies) and then don't show. I'll retract my opinion on the entry this weekend, if indeed it is found to be for a good reason, but to just not show up? It's so interesting how the different breeds work-cardigan people are good, for the most part, about working to get an entry, majors or helping out. Collie people are underhanded and willing to screw you over if need be. Just don't get it.

Mid show, we look outside and this white stuff is falling from the sky. Seriously? NO! My feet are revolting as I only have my mules. Where was my brain when I packed? I need my snow boots!!! On the way to dinner with Shelley and Dawn, it took almost 45 mins to go the short drive to the restaurant. Dawn had it worse, I think. Her drive took her longer, but she was behind snow plows.

At least I had my mittens in the big tow. Oh and the sock monkey hat was firmly planted on the Ms' head all weekend. She got a lot of comments on it, in particular, where in the world did you find that and where can I get my own. She guards it like gold.

Back to the ring.....Connor was BOV on Sunday again. Then to cardigans, where Charlie picked up his 2nd select major. It was a no brainer, how in the world can he beat Picasso? Especially when I'm dealing with a 2nd weekend of not eating while traveling. Skin and bones. Brother Chip though, no longer a tube! He looks damn good but needs some ring time as he was fruiter then his father in the beginning. RWD to Garrett's little puppy(he had the head the judge wanted) Alec got a point on the pem, talk about an excited owner! And then upstairs helped show frenchies and took select with the special.

Group was well, predictable. Only two men in the group, seems they didn't have short skirts, pony tails or blue dogs. Sigh, some judges, just can't win. Packed up, headed home. Man was I ever happy to see the state line and NO SNOW!

So we end the show year with a good show, enjoyable company and albino brain mites. Gearing up for the new year-seems the big tow will be replaced by a van in the near future. Can't fit anymore big dogs in there.

Later gators....

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