Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who goes to what?

Since all the "girls" are in the poultry yard together and unless you sneak in the chalet and find one laying in the nesting boxes, chances are you have no idea who is laying what egg. After doing a little research, some of the mystery chickens have been figured out.

Dark brown, speckled egg--well she's a salmon/red maran cross! That so explains the feathered shanks, but she has yellowish legs, which marans are supposed to be white. And since there's only one of her, well, that means, only one egg which is totally correct.

You can kind of see her here. Sort of. She's behind the Ancona roo who is telling me I'm too close to his chickadees. The whiteish butts facing you are the red stars that will be heading to my freezer later on and you can kind of see the Red Amerucana hen in there too.

Small buff colored eggs---of course that's Ms Polly, the buff braham. Super sweet bird and very pretty too. Only one of her right now though we have a youngster in the "wings" from the June hatch.And of course, as I was taking her picture, Mr Ancona Roo, aka Mr Roadrunner, was stomping right behind me. I mean stomping, right on my foot!

Regular light brown eggs---could be any of the plymouths, red stars or golden speckled wyandottes. We have a good set of those. The issue now it to figure who is laying and who isn't. Who isn't will be traveling north the end of the month and become chicken kiev.

White egg---okay, that's still a mystery. Ducks are not laying right now and these is found in one of the nesting boxes or behind the feed bin where the ducks can't get to. Only one being layed so I have to wonder, is the crooked little hen laying them?

She's a funny looking deformed meat bird who got her death sentence commuted. Very sweet and always following you around. The photos mainly for the girls at the bank who keep asking about her.

Up and coming from the June hatch are welsummer crosses, more wyandottes, a couple I can't figure out and one blue amerucana hen---it's the coolest bird around!

Later gators...


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