Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monster updates

These are by far the hardest photos to take of the two remaining monsters. Neither had any intention of staying still, so you get what you get. The two busiest puppies I have ever had, ugh, their mother through and through!

Jeff Fa Fa--still available and looking for a fun family to join. No he does not have a goofy topline. He was nano seconds from leaping off the table-which he didn't, but boy was it close.

Not the photo I wanted. Can you see the strangle hold Tall Kid has on him? Notice what is in the bottom left corner? What is missing is the audio of Short Stuff sitting on my foot, barking at me-similar to his father's "you're ignoring me" bark.

Much better photo-he's one big boy with ears and feet to match. Silly too.

And then I gave up. Short Stuff(needs a new name-Shelby maybe?) would have none of the table or stacking game. One big pile o'fluffy goo. He too is still looking for a good home but there are some special conditions for his placement.

And this is why you put all the other dogs away when you do photos. Jeff wanted to help out.

Later gators...

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