Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend what ifs?

It's a weekend full of what if's? You know, what if I do this, then I can do this or that or, nope.

If we go to Amana to for All Things Scottish(moved from CR this year), then maybe, I can get the Hubby to hang around the RV park for the UKC show.

If we go to the UKC, will we have enough time to do All Things Scottish and how many dogs do I dare take?

If it rains, what will be do instead?

So for now, I head down with the club trailer and help set up for the UKC show. Ms wants to show her puff ball in juniors and veterans, so guess who else got drug out of retirement-heehee, oh boy is he gonna be pissed.

But then again, a troupe of cardigans at the Fest is always a crowd pleaser.

Anyway, have a great weekend, we'll let you know on Monday how the "what if's" ended up.

Later gators...

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