Monday, September 26, 2011

It's raining!

I'm not a fan of rain right now, but yet on the other hand, I am.

Still battling the eye infection, so have my magoos on-I can't see s**t. Rain, I hate rain drops on my glasses. It's fall, it's damp, it's cold.

But we need the rain. The sump pump has not been running, which means the duck pond is drying up. That's okay in that Hubby is digging it out and then lining it.

Weekend was a blast! Not only did we do the 4 UKC shows in the Amanas, but also CelticFest.

As many know, Fred is well, bored at the shows. He gets so upset that he can't spend the day upside down sleeping on my pillow or can't get dirty by taunting the chickens. This weekend, different dog! He actually had tons of fun. Wagging tail, loads of ears and a bounce in his stride. Tango went too and towards the end with a few chats about the whole mat thing, she was walking like the pro she's supposed to be. Fred ended up with Best Veteran in Show, shows 1, 2, 3, with Tango taking show 4.

The Ms was in juniors and came home with 4 giant rosettes for BJIS. Nice competition down there this year too. All those kids deserve rosettes!

And inbetween hussling two veterans between two shows and juniors, Ms was showing white shepherds too. Talk about confusing, but hey it worked. I think she took best female both shows Saturday plus something else and then took BOB on Sunday's shows. That was with a 7 1/2 mo old pup too. She looked like a pro and a lot of people pulled her aside to congratulate her and let her know how good she did.

Now I've been a little outspoken about UKC shows in the past and still have a lot of mixed feelings about it. The quality isn't always there in some breeds and so of the judges don't have a clue what they are supposed to look for in other breeds. This time around, I can say it was different. Granted the thought of getting a championship by being the only dog in a breed and maybe beating one other dog in a group, isn't really valid for me. But a nice group of dogs with a judge that understands what to look for, that's different. 13 boxers showed on Sunday-all are nice dogs normally show in AKC and ones that always do well there. Wire-haired vizsla was gorgeous. Beagles, cockers and TFT's were all nice breed specimans. The judges told everyone why they placed the way they did and what they were looking for. Again, all well done.

What I did like and why we went and showed? The people. This club has one of the greatest group of people around. I know many of them from the AKC shows and help them out there as needed. We all helped each other out, asked questions of each other, jumped in when needed and not asked. And I can't wait till next year!

Saturday we did CelticFest/All Things Scottish, after the show. Moved it down to Middle Amana from Usher's Ferry this year. Not as many vendors or activities, but man was it still fun. Hubby finally found a hat big enough for his head, the Ms got a ring and Curly Wurlies. Dogs got tons of attention. Moose did his famous corgi death roll, Pete budged in line for scratches and Fred grunted and rolled in something smelly. We get loads of questions about the dogs and these three are great breed ambassadors. Bag pipes were a curious item for Pete. Moose enjoyed the tabor throwing and then both of them were pissed that I pulled them away from the sheep herding demo. They said they can do it better then those plain old border collies, anyday!

And then it started raining on the way home yesterday. And it's still raining. Bored dogs, wet smelly dogs and I walked into work with Jeff's art prints on the knee of my slacks.

Later gators...

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