Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reminder to self-get new glasses

So, I've worn contacts for like, 25, no 30 years now. Gosh that makes me feel really old now. Anyway, during that time, I've also had a back up pair of glasses for those just in case times.

I never, repeat, never wear the damn things. I hate them. Go figure, allergy induced eye infection. FYI-don't say the work Pink Eye, people look at you super weird and back away slowly. Let me digress some, pink eye is actually an eye infection. Either allergy induced, bacterial or viral. I've had them all and 20 years ago was prone to them. Had one year where it was every month I went and got meds, so finally the Dr gave me a scrip for mega refills and said you know what you're doing, when it hurts, use them for 10 days.

I can't drive right now as I can't put my right contact in my eyeball. My so called glasses are like 15 years old and I can work on the computer, but feel it's in the best interest of those others on the road, to not drive. My eyeball feels like it's wall papered in sandpaper and glass shards. Left is okay. Antihistamine drops are working some what, but what I really need is a trip to Urgent Care to get some really good sulfa eye drops.

And get rid of these outdated, "magoo" like glasses. Oh and stop in to the one hour place, get an exam and get some new in-style goggles.

This is so not how this week is supposed to go nor the weekend show plans.

Later gators...

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