Thursday, September 22, 2011

No time to be...behind

Fall is fast TOMORROW!! Figured I'd get in the mood early.

I'm not sure if I like fall or early summer the best? Spring is mud, not that I don't like mud, but dogs + mud=cleaning.

Not much of a Halloween person. Get a little decorating done but in all honesty, I'm a little leary of celebrating it. The Ms, going to be a pink poodle, again. I love that she doesn't want to grow up on some occasions. I do miss my little sunflower, Princess and sleeping beauty. Then again if she never grows up, I get to keep my socks, shoes and other shared items of clothing!

I know I read some where that someone was wondering where fall was. They live on the west coast where it's either summer or summer. I'll try to get a photo of the bean fields. The golden yellow is so amazing. Sugar maples are turning orange, red and amber. Virginia Creeper is almost scarlet and green tractors are pulling blue wagons filled with ochre corn.

What next? The Ms is all excited--the Sock Monkey cometh!!!

Later gators....

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