Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now for photos....squirrel.... of the monsters

And this is why no new photos have been taken, the help can't focus!

Or is it that the puppies don't cooperate? BTW, this is Shorty aka Abbott and he played pudding puppy.

Opps, wait, Dad's gotta get involved now.

Okay, one who's a little more willing, this is Nero. A little scrunchy but he really wanted to help get the ball that was thrown.

A pretty Nero, not so pretty front. He's seriously not that wide but the towel was slippery, my fault. And with fuzzy feet, that don't help at all.

Kinkajou, again, all scrunchy. Seriously, they all have dead level toplines. But he was not about to point his head in one direction, so we got what we got.

BUT.... he is the first with ear lift off! What you can't really see, is his "mohawk". The hair on his blaze, from the tip of his nose, to the tip of his head, grows inward and he has a mohawk cowlick! Super cute

Damn it Eddie, get your fuzzy butt outta the photos!
Jeff Fa Fa. And again, the topline is level, handler error this time as he is a little too stretched out.

Isn't he cute? The current topic of conversation is that dear Jeff might be a cryptic merle! He's getting some interesting markings on his ears, around his blaze and his nose is just finished coloring in, though the inside is still pink.

And finally all, Short Stuff. I was able to get him to work with me for a nano second, then he went all gooey again.

Yes there's a lot of hair there. And yes, I love it! Right now Nero and Kinkajou have great families waiting to pick them up in a couple of weeks. Short Stuff and Jeff Fa Fa are still taking applications for those interested in hiring them for the position of family dog.

Later gators...


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! What fuzz butts! lol So darn cute and cuddly! I dunno what a cryptic merle is, but I'd smuggle Jeff home in my purse if I could! =] Wish I could've gotten out to see them before they go to their new homes. Oh well. How's your roof situation now?

Cindy said...

Still looking for contractors as none of them can agree on what needs to be done--ugh.

Ashley said...

How frustrating! Here's to hoping you can find one soon so you don't have to worry when the autumn rainy season hits!