Monday, August 15, 2011

My version of doing nada

Someone asked me what I did this weekend. I said nothing. And the reply was, seriously, you didn't do anything. Nope, nothing.

Here's my version of doing nada:
Put up new tent Friday night so we can watch meteor shower.
Start reading a book.
Fold laundry in dryer, but wet load in dryer, start another load in washer.
Chicken and duck chores, move stuff to finish mowing.
Go to Market Saturday
Side trip to garden center-oh oh, another new hosta and daylily
Kick monsters outside.
Work dogs
Continue reading book
Dig potatoes. Pick cucumbers. Dance a jig around loaded butternut sqaush vines.
Piss off duck and take out new duckling.
Duck, Chicken and horse chores
Clean floors
More laundry
Cook dinner-ummm German Potato salad
Sunday-wake up late! Slept with Eddie on my pillow, oh joy
Kick monsters out, Retrieve Click from center of puppy pen and chew her out for jumping in.
Run errands-new screen door, hardware, more plants--they were on sale!
Pre show meeting at Amana
Stop at bakery and get some letters, cinnamon swirl bread and a case of cream soda
Home-oh wait, must get TP-side trip to Wally World for that and of course, ice cream!
Yell at Click to leave the puppies' food alone and remove her, again, from puppy pen.
Nail trims on puppies and other assorted victims.
Brush molting GSD-okay so I didn't, the Ms did and I watched-it's entertaining, seriously
Take down tent after collie(s) jump on it and break pole.
David finished mowing some where during the day.
Plant stuff, but not all of it.
Finish reading book.

And that's how you do nothing for a weekend. I swear there are a few things I missed in that list-like attempt to start cleaning study, dishes, hunt for eggs(darn free range chickens) and stand around debating what not to do this weekend.

Later gators....

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