Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Midlife crisis

Beyond other items, we are currently picking on the Hubby about possible having a mid-life crisis. No it's not the powder blue prius that makes a sound as it goes by..... never mind-unless you know who Walter is and his opinion on such subjects, ask me later.

Anyhow, we are now in possesion of a lovely red convertable. It's sitting in the barn.

Wind in my hair? Not on your life-this thing maybe clocks 25 mph at a hard trot:)

Yes, indeed, the show wagon made it's way home this weekend. It toured the country side as Hubby and Dad showed it off to those in the know.

Plans are to take the girls out some time in the next couple of weeks for a road test. It needs a little polishing on the chrome as well as getting the old farm name which includes the words Belgians, off the side.

So what do I need for my mid-life crisis?

Later gators...

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