Tuesday, August 9, 2011

decisions, decisions

I had this long post about breeding, gambles and hard decisions, but I threw it away. Plain and simple, we have decided that Jeff and Shorty are now available to good companion homes.

Just because you breed, doesn't mean you have to keep a pup and have to show it. I think too many people aren't honest with themselves. You have to look at what you have, where you want to go and figure out what you need to do next. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of the opposite lately. If it doesn't have what you want(and I guess that means you have to know what you want first), then don't keep a pup just to keep one.

With that said, I'm not unhappy with this litter. Just didn't get what I wanted to go forward with. Granted Jeff might be just the right pup for someone else, and that's fine. But for me, I need something else that he doesn't quite have.

I will post photos of the boys tomorrow, my camera was at the 4-H meeting last night, or should I say, in the truck at the meeting.

Both boys are available on neuter contracts, with approved references and returned questionnaires. Again, more on both tomorrow.

Email me at fogebotom@yahoo.com if you want more information.

Later gators...

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