Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talkin turkey

Oh my, guess what we get tomorrow???? I must be a glutton for punishment-aiming for 6-10 of the stupid birds this year.

My chicken house is due to get moved to our place from my brother's in a couple of weeks. Just in time for the chicks to arrive too! I offered to take the bank's chicks home after they hatch. Mixed run of all kinds of chickens-broilers, layers and fancies.

So what should I name the chicken house? The duck residence is Chateau Quack, though that might change as the chickens might get the duck house and visa versa. Hum, suggestions????

Later gators...


Scott said...

Fowl Flat
Egg Edifice
Chick Condo
Pullet Palace

penni said...

Chick Chalet