Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ever get the feeling that just because you live that someone is out to get you? It’s amazing how long people hold grudges, make their purpose in life to hunt you down and ruin your life? Or throw out accusing comments that can easily be turned into slanderous statements? I recently had someone try to hack into my website. Luck has it that as soon as that happens I get notices from my host and they shut down the site until I get in touch with them. Personally, I’m could care less that someone is bored enough to tinker with me. Granted those people need to get a real life, maybe a real job, but who knows and honestly who really cares.

I think the saying from Two and Half Men says it the best---
Charlie: “leaverage is a fickle **b***h”
…….later on Jake says: ”and looks like the fickle b***h is back”

I guess the key is this, be very careful of what you put out on the web-blogs-chat groups-FB and such, it can turn around and bite back even harder. My life is open for inspection—want my computer-go ahead. BTW, looking isn’t a crime and that’s why I don’t have counters, trackers or visitor lists on my sites. Come, look, stay or go. Just don’t touch.

Later gators...


ronstew said...

Jean Runge was complaining about her web site being hacked last week.

Frink Lemur said...

So much of the hacking these days is entirely automated, just a previously compromised computer connecting to random IPs and addresses, and then trying known exploits and calculatedly guessed passwords to get in through security.

I see it at work and with some of the hobby sites I help with, constantly. So if it dosen't seem specifically targeted, it is really likely just random.

-Peter B. :)