Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muddy Eddie

Poor Eddie. For those of you who don't know the story, the photo a couple posts back is one of my favorites. And no, Eddie is Clean Eddie these days.

See as a puppy, Mr Moose and his sisters Ms Shooter and Ms Marg harassed him to no end. One day I looked out to see this hole being dug in the backyard. It was, of course, raining off and on so the hole was muddy. Eddie being Eddie, wandered over and went "whatca doin'?" That was his undoing. The Three Amigos took turns dragging him to the hole, pushing him in and sitting on him while the others pegged and pooked at him. I had to stop it at some point, at which he jumped up and ran to the overturned water trough and gave me a "what??" look.

It took three bathes to get him somewhat presentable. Rus a couple years ago, gave the Ms an award for Eddie--Muddiest Puppy--it's framed in the study with all the other awards, ribbons and certificates.

As yes, the continuing adventures of living with the Blue Bear.

Later gators...

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