Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am so gonna kill him for this!

So I get an email from a person that my husband works with about dog crates. Nothing in the email says anything about an alternative use for crates, just the best place to get an inexpensive crate.

I rattle off about what type of dog, how much you want to pay, quality, etc. The best places to get what type and where not to get them. I was giving all kinds of good advise to a dog owner, or so I thought.

Damn him--he got a huge laugh out of this and every time he looked at me last night he chuckled.

They don't want the crates for dogs. They want a secure spot to store long range missle guidence system parts.

Go figure!

Later gators....


Taryn said...

That's about the most alternative use for a crate I've ever heard of! Funny!

BTW, Love your header photo! It's GORGEOUS!

Cindy said...

Yeah, my thoughts too! The things my hubby does for his job.

Thanks--I needed a boost and figured a nice tranquil spring pasture shot was just the ticket. Fred already had a jailbreak and went wading last weekend. He's ready for spring too!

ronstew said...