Monday, March 14, 2011

An arm and a leg

Holy carp! The spring show season has officially been cut short. I'm in need of a prostetic arm and leg since that's what I had to pay for gas down to MO this weekend. Eghads and I think I can find a few more &)&**^*( words to cover my comments about that.

Beyond that, great weekend. 55 degrees, warm breeze while unloading Friday and showing Saturday. We haven't been to Columbia Mo for 6 years now. Hasn't changed much and just as much fun as always. Sunday was a little cold but hey, sun was shining, not raining and no earthquakes or tsunami's in mid America. I'm good with that.

On that side note, our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the recent weekend events in Japan and surrounding countries and communities. We were glued to CNN at the hotel all weekend long watching the recent updates. I just can't imagine being there and surviving it.

Back to dog shows!

Good friends, great show site(it's dirt but well maintained and packed), vendors-the goodies I got! Early ring times-not good. Long wait till groups, that's okay. Kept busy inbetween. Dinner with Don, Jacque, Rus and Sherilyn Saturday--lots of stories and I learned a lot too. Good to see Tom, Janet and Richard. Caught up with Wanda a little and of course, we can not forget the Davenitch crew! We cheered for Connie and her SFT who still bounces a lot. Kim, Kerri, and Cindy--good to see everyone after a long winter off!

So results: Dill, 1st in his puppy class. That's good as he beat the puppy that beat him in Des Moines. 2nd on Sunday. He's making progress, the problem is that he's plain(no chrome), longer nose then they like and natural eared. It'll take awhile to get him pointed and finished but he's worth it-nice dog.
Pete and her pointy little head-no expectations of grandeur with breeder judges for her. I'm very realistic about her. Not everyone can deal with it, BUT, we did give the judges pause for thought as she outmoved everything else in the ring and they were having a hard time deciding on what they really wanted. 2nd in her class to a much typier bitch.
Now for Charlie. My adorable, long eyelashed, super cuddly Charlie Bear. Dawn pin pointed it for me-he's his grandpa Wally in a brindle coat. So friendly, so willing, slightly more sensitive but adores everyone. Suck-up pro already. He's far from perfect but first with Moose and now Charlie, I have a pieces of my heart back. Anyway, after a horribly stressfull last weekend for the boy, we tried a few new things this week and weekend. Much better. In particular his diet is now different and he's getting some goodies along with it. But also, he's got a new bestie in the form of the rough and tumble Peterman. They moved the large collie crate several inches over the weekend at the show site by wrestling and sliming each other.
Charlie was RWD on Saturday and Sunday under Breeder Judge Gayle Garvin was WD for his first 2 points.

We also had an awesome, sort of, weekend in collies. Alec and Connor were BOV both days in smooths. Pretty etched glass vase sitting on the counter from the breed prize. I got to show a lovely blue merle rough girl to BOW's and Rebecca took BOV with 8 1/2 yr old veteran Jerod. Even got my photo in the paper with the naughty sable girl cleaning my face while on the table. We did skip group on Sunday though as we were all tired and well, the judge was, oh never mind, just a judge and we'll leave it at that.

Long drive home. Glad to be back in my own bed and another day off would be great. I'll try to get a few photos posted from the few I took. Now to Dubuque---sort of.

Later gators...

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