Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Foto

I know I've posted this a thousand times but with the rash of severe weather earlier in the week and I decided to change my screen saver on my computer, this seems like a good one to use.

2 years ago, this tornado, I think an F2, went 2 miles north of the house. Caused damage to two farms, untold crops but no lives lost. County Park to the north lost a huge chunk of trees and campers in the camp ground, but again, no lives lost, no serious damages. Sherilyn will remember this phone call--I was talking to her as they were driving back from MO and all of a sudden I said-"Gotta Go! Tornado! Bye"

So with that, I'll make my "be prepared" statement-go to the American Red Cross and get your disaster kits ready!

Later gators...


Elizabeth said...

Wholly crappie! There's no mistaking that funnel cloud. (I'm shuddering.) We get them out here (in VA), too, but because of the topography, no one usually sees them until it's too late. Glad no one got hurt.

Sherilyn said...

Oh, yes, I remember that call! And then the call back saying you had forgotten to take one of the dogs to the basement with you! Glad it went the other way and didn't do nearly as much damage as it could have.