Thursday, February 17, 2011


Venting has it's place in this world. You can't keep it all bottled up inside or you'll explode at some point. There are proper ways to vent and very improper. Take the teacher who without naming names, vented on her blog about the state of the students in today's schools. Honestly, I agree with her. Where else can you get such a public forum to prompt discussion of one of the biggest issues facing our future? Those that bashed her would rather sweep it under the rug, imho. At some point, you've tried it all-aka been there done that and a different, often drastic approach is needed.

So what am I venting about--I could take up mega webspace for all the things I think need to be addressed, but today, it's simple. I hate my Tahoe. The Big Tow is it's new nickname. In an effort to save some money, be a little more fuel efficent, we went with a smaller suv then the suburbans I'd been driving. Replaced the fuel pump last week-runs like a charm-now. Had been dead or dying for months. What's the term, waiting for the other shoe to drop? It dropped this morning, right in the mud. I think I know the issue now-it's damp and wet outside, everythings melting. Electrical-something is getting wet, but what? I swear by the time I get this ready to sell to my cousin, it's going to have about every thing new that it can. I want my 'burb back!!! But the key being, I need it today and this weekend. Timing is everything with this damn vehicle.

More venting about the wet and muddy. Do you seriously know how many loads of dog towels I do each day? The worst ones aren't who you think, such as Eddie or the puppies. Okay, take that back, Pete seems to be able to get mud all the way on top of her pointy little head and the tip of her tail. The worst-Max. Worse yet-Clairee. The worst-Tuli. They all know the drill-come in the door, stop, drop and roll on the rug. Wait for the belly rub and feet massage. Though I will say, Fred has the softest coat right now. Melting snow has the same effect on their coats as rain water has on my hair.

Oh and there's more! This kills me and I know I've done this post before. Full disclosure. The ability of people to brag about this and that that their dog does but not fully telling you that the points were made because you created the entry for you dog. Or that you went to that show because you knew no one else would go and that you could score those easy points. Even better, you had a big win but in all honesty, you won because you were the only one entered and got the big rosette by default.

Am I done yet? Yes for now. But just wait, the day is just beginning.

Later gators...

PS--the photo is of Annie and Tannet in IN. Their mom sent it to me earlier in the week, with the comment that this is really what happens in IN. The cute sofa photo a few posts back is a rarity. Now I'm waiting for an another photo. Seems face fighting with cones on post alter surgery is even better to watch and hear.

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Elizabeth said...

You are so funny.
My departed Tahoe lost its trannie a month after I got it; such a shame for GM. :(