Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow angels

What a weird day. Back into the swing of things after the blizzard. School was delayed, but the county plows were out in full force. Our road is a piece of cake now, though I am still amazed at the depth of the drifts that were once stretched across the road. Road crews in our counties are the hidden angels.

Yesterday I realized that among us are people who add value to our lives or drain the life force out of us. I had a several incidences yesterday that really reinforce that. One I'll have to address next week per their request, but needless to say it was a pleasant though unexpected phone call. Another an email that was sad but in the end a joy to meet this person and be able to unknowingly have played a part in their lives. Two fold aspect of this was the fact that it is now fate that we meet and that other people once in our lives have chosen to continue to withhold from both of us. I do believe that this goes back to my sin of omission post many moons ago. Feeling a need to harm another person by refusing full disclosure in the end, only hurts you. God has a way of turning this to benefit those you aim to hurt.

But even with that sort of moment yesterday, it was wonderful to realize that there are still people who do for others for nothing more then a sense of community. We have a Snow Angel! Someone, no idea who, during the last two snow storms, has come by while we are back at work and plowed our driveway! It's 150' long, usually not bad other then one spot as it starts to go up to the road and then right at the entrance onto the road. We pulled in last night to a wide, open, plowed driveway! To whom ever you are--THANK YOU! If you stop in to introduce yourself one of these days I think I manage a small reward of warm home baked bread or Hawaiian Banana bred. A hot cup of coffee or mug of hot chocolate?

And we have dog angels too! Frankie makes those. He loves nothing more then rolling and sliding on fresh snow. I don't think I see him walk more then 2 feet before he rolls. Kim remembers this from his first snow adventure while we were in Chicago for the Christmas Cluster and on his walk outside the hotel, he rolled like a snake all over the snow. Too dark to take photos of his works of art-see if there are any left over the weekend.

With that, have a great weekend and ask yourself this: Am I a drain or do I help plug up the holes in someone's life?

Later gators...

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Snow angels! Yes, yes I had totally forgotten about the Chicago snow snake. It is amazing, Shaker loves the snow too. He lays down, rolls about, and generally refuses to come inside until he is a corgisicle.

Very cool about the mystery plower!