Thursday, February 3, 2011

My least favorite color-white

Tuesday afternoon I text the young son at home and ask" What's the weather like at home?" Of course this is in an attempt to try and figure out when to leave work to beat the wind and snow. His reply....


reply #2

reply #3
Smart a** kid.

But he is right--it's really white out. Definition of the roads and everything else for that matter is hard. David had to wear his sunglasses on the way home to try and get some definition of the road ahead of him. And that white is caused by SNOW-loads of it. I know, I know, Shelley's been getting 18" at a crack this winter but for us, 13-14 inches by the end was more then enough. And last but not least, cold. I don't do cold. period. This morning it as a toasty -4 when we drove into town, windchill not figured in there.
So the recap in photos-no work, no school. I cooked, I cleaned, Alec cooked. David and the Ms spent the day out with the dogs, trenching through the 4' drifts, er uh, make that glaciers coverign the entire front yard.
Yes this is Pete. She was rolling, being rolled and head diving into the drifts in the back yard. Then in typical Pete fashion, figured out how to hang off the top of the drift like she does the chairs in the house.
Clairee Bear hanging out with her kid on top of the 4' glaciers in the front yard. They are on top of the peony beds.
The pack in hot pursuit!
David trenching a path to the barn. Behind the Ms is a large hole she is digging in search of her sled that she left out by the dog walk. 4' x 20' later she found it and took her all day.
More trench-David's 5'11' for reference.

View to the front gate-natural snow fence, always leaves a decent path from gate to front door! No shoveling there.

Oh and they had to find the other hydrant since the barn one is frozen(long story). The dogs love running into it and then climbing the sides to the top.
And this is why they can't go out unsupervised. Max just walks right over the fence. Trenches to be installed over the next few days. Somewhere in there is a 69' international truck--free to a good home if you can dig it out!
And last but not least, the garage. Since we don't park vehicles in it, no need to shovel but I would really like one or two of the clay pots under there. Think I can get someone to find them for me?

Later gators....


penni said...

We don't have that much snow -- we do have that much cold (it's -6 right now) -- and I TRULY feel your pain. I don't do cold, so live in NM -- what's up with this?

Taryn said...

WOW! That is alot of (too much!) snow! Egads, and wiuth temps that low it is going to be around for a long time to come.

Love the picture of the whole pack in pursuit!