Monday, December 20, 2010

Shout out!

It's nuts out there right now. Cars, crazy pedestrians and snow. I hate shopping so I usually have a detailed list, that was except for yesterday. No list, just a leisure day of tripping through cute shops and finally getting up to our favorite winery - Tabor's, in Baldwin, IA. Came away with a fine selection for gifts and of course, lots of wine for us!

But the main reason we were in our favorite town up north, Dubuque that is, was to deliver a very special package to a very special person. My dear friend Colleen, of Murphy and Porter fame, met us up just across the river in WI to pick up Shooter! After the lose of her very dear Porter a few months ago, she contacted me wondering, if by chance, I might have a lovely little girl that could befriend Murphy. All indications from yesterday's first meet and greet is that things are going in the right direction. Waiting to hear later in the week if it kept going well. Shoo-bug is now going to try some herding and of course, her best attribute, keeping laps warm, will be well used!

With that note, Ms Meredith is now holding auditions for the replacement bed dog. Clairee and Shoobug slept with her, and the cat. Clairee on the floor beside the bed and Shooter on the bed, sucked as close as she could get or under the covers or with the cat sleeping on top of her. Frankie already got his first audition and Merlot's turn was last night. From what I heard, there will be call backs for both dogs as it's a very tough decision.

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Congrats to Shooter! Bed dog...who won? Or is it two now?

Cindy said...

Currently she is holding call back auditions with Frank first up. Depends on which an work with the cat best--cause you know what they say about acting with kids and pets!