Friday, December 17, 2010


As the year draws to a close, I'm taking a look back at 2010 and going, holy moly, this one is a record!

Let's see--
~rePete, Peterman, Pete-Pete the Sweet, got a Group 4 in the spring.
~Margie, at the ripe old age of 5 1/2 and having taken 4 full years off of showing, got her final points to finish her championship.
~Ruff is on his way to his GRCH with extremely selective showings--getting all his current points at a supported entry!
~The loss of a great dog, the eternal keeper of the couch, Hope.
~Almost loosing the Evil Blue Dog in the spring to a close pyo. Eeek!
~Another very successful dog show in the books and now to next year.
~The Ms and Merlot were BJIS at the fair and took a couple Bests for her poultry too.
~Rio joined the horse gang-turning into quite the silly boy.
~And of course, we can not forget the now infamous, Dirty Dozen. I still feel for poor Abbey.

And speaking of the Dirty Dozen, here's a few pupdates:
~Maxwell(James) is in a performance home in WI. Doing awesome and the star of the recent dishwasher photo.
~Annie(Beverly) and Tannet(Connor) are big time Hawkeye Fans living in Indiana.
~Sam(Drew) is charming his dad in IA and his dad promised him a playmate in 2011.
~Einstein and Percy are now organic farm dogs in IL. Oh beekeepers too!
~Gryffin(Adolph) is in IL with his own boy and two cardigan friends.
~Bud(Junior) lives in TN and I have been told that he now barks with an accent.
~Chipster(Ruffles Jr) as you know, is up in MN to play show dawg with his pemmie cousins.
~And last but not least, Luna the Princess, Walt the Goof and Charlie the Woofer are still here and creating havoc aka running AMOK AMOK AMOK AMOK!

It's been a very busy year around here. I am so hoping for a quiet 2011---like that will ever happen!

Later gators...

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