Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seriously, it's Thanksgiving, already?

Eghads! Where in the heck did 2010 go? Could be that we've been busy or could be that time moves faster then I want it to.

As of last year at this time, we were dealing with the inevitable deed of killing the turkey for dinner. Did I relay this one to you? The whole hatchet-not-sharp-enough, turkey-having-heart-attack and in the end the two kids(Alec and the Ms) accomplishing the dirty deed and we had an awesome deep fried fresh HUGE turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, we never were able to secure turkey chicks this year so Nana got a frozen turkey and is coming over to have dinner with us. I'm not missing the part of preparing the live turkey into the cooked turkey, skipping the live part is okay with me right now. But yes, next spring we will be shipping in turkeys with our duckling order and have more then enough for Thanksgiving and a few other holidays. That is if they live long enough-ie, the whole flying over the fence and landing in with the dogs. Yeah, smart birds.

Pupdates-we are down to 6!!! Ruffles Jr aka the Chipster landed in 8 inches of snow in MN and is loving every single minute of it. The other monsters did what I was hoping none would this time around. Found the smallest hole in the fence on the north side of the barn and in 2 nano seconds found heaven in the manure pile. Gross does not even describe it. I'm blaming most of it on the lovely little Luna. She is definately demonstrating some great problem solving skills-yesterday she figured out the latch on the xpen, opened it and left the boys in the xpen where they were howling and crying because she was running on the outside teasing them. Yeah, she's not staying-needs a serious performance home where they can keep her brain occupied. Alec suggested that Bryn in IC needs a partner in crime. Not sure if Barb agrees with me on that one :)

Well, here's hoping you have a very safe Thanksgiving. Eat, drink and sleep it all off! Oh and don't forget to watch the National Dog Show!!

Later gators...

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Happy Thanksgiving!