Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It lives, I think. Oh God I hope it works...

As some of you might know, the Dog Bus(as my dad calls it) aka the Tahoe, has been sick for the last few weeks. Started out with an ignition module replacement. Then a week later, fuel pump, or so we thought, issues.

David and I figured with no upcoming shows, no hurry to fix it and have been saving $$ by carpooling to work. Figuring the $$ we save will go towards the fixing of said Dog Bus. But the shop called today(Dad took it to the shop last weekend when we had exhausted all our knowledge) and said, not sure what it is, but it's running, and running well. Though I do have to do some unique things before I start it, it's running, for now. I'm going to go pick it up on Friday and pray it behaves. In the meantime, it will indeed still sit at home while we clean out a spot in Dad's shop so that they(Dad, Alec and David) can replace the fuel pump. For some odd reason, men tend to question my diagnosis on any auto repairs, to which I usually get the last laugh and say "told ya so"! Seriously, I can change a tire, rotors, brakes, calipers, the starter, battery cable wires, alternator, well you get the drift! I'm not your typical automobile challenged person.

After the whole Mt Vernon Rd incident that started this latest escapade, semi-working Dog Bus will hang out close to home. Carpooling will continue and I'm now on the hunt for a reasonably priced suburban!

Later gators...

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