Monday, October 4, 2010


Okay, who decided to turn down the thermostat so soon? I'm a cold blooded person, as in I prefer it hot, dry and not having to dress in layers. Though the horses and dogs are okay with it, already having put a few extra pounds and hair on.

I finally got a moment for updates on the Dirty Dozen. They are eating semi hard food, mostly litter trained, loving the crates and boxes to play in. Auntie Shooter is so much fun as is Cousin Merlot. 12 is just a few too many for Eddie this time around. Max is opting out for the games these guys play. And I heard that this afternoon, they figured out the chase around the couch game and attack feet from under the couch game. I'm hoping this weekend to send them outside for some fresh air.

Check out the website for their 5 week photos:

I will be the first to admit, they aren't great photos-they are on the move big time. Something about thinking it's now a right to be loose, romping around the house and chewing on everything, especially Alec's toes. We've made a few decisions on who's going to hang out a little longer for evaluations. Yeah, got it down to 6. Each has their own qualities so it's hard to figure out what we really want or which pup has the most. Luna for sure, seems to catch everyone's eye, so she's for sure hanging out. Alec and I are discussing Drew, Charlie, James, Connor and Adolph. Tiny aka Quill, Thunder aka Percy, Ziggy aka Ruffles Jr, Bev and Einstein are available to pet homes. Junior is headed down to TN to live with Trish, her family and his Uncle Chopper.

Let's see---oh, the big news!! NOT ONE FLUFF!!!! That gives pretty darn good odds that Russ is a non carrier for the fluff gene, having been bred to two known fluff carriers. We'll do the dna just to be sure later down the road, but it also makes it so nice to not have to pet out a nice pup just because of it's coat.

And last but not least, my computer is having issues, time to clean it out and upload stuff to the new external hard drive and set up the new computer. Registry errors on a lot of blogs I love to read and posting is hell to blogger right now. So if the posts are few and far between for a few weeks, thats why.

Now for a cute puppy photo for the week--this is Thunder soon to be Percy(seriously Thunder was not working for him and well, he's really the ugly duckling of the group) and his new passion--freestyle reining. I had 5 puppies sit still for like 2 mins watching this yesterday. Too cute not to post.
Later gators....

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